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At BeaconLegal, we want to disrupt the legal status quo by providing high quality legal services at an affordable price online.  Sometimes, everyone needs to talk to a lawyer.  There’s no reason why you should have to break the bank to do so.
We believe that professional legal services should be available to everyone who needs them, at a price they can afford.  By providing unbundled services online, we reduce our overhead costs and pass the savings on to you.  This means that your legal fees will be in the tens or hundreds of dollars, rather than in the thousands.  You can take care of most of your legal needs online: it’s more efficient, it’s more cost-effective, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home–or your favorite cafe.
Purchasing legal services online doesn’t have to mean feeling isolated.  Unlike some legal service companies, we don’t use standardized questionnaires.  You won’t be asked to fill out lengthy forms or navigate through an automated menu in order to speak to someone.  Every legal problem is different, and we treat each one with the personalized attention it deserves.  When you contact us for a quote, a real person will respond by your preferred contact method.

About BeaconLegal LLC

Our Process

You can contact our legal team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or using any of the other contact methods described on our Contact page.

Within 24 hours (but likely much sooner), an attorney will contact you by your preferred contact method (phone, email, or Skype) to discuss your legal needs.

If you know exactly what you need, the attorney you speak with can quote you a price and send you an invoice for the relevant services.  If you’re not sure how to proceed, we will either direct you to the appropriate legal service or recommend a live attorney consultation, which starts at $49 for one hour.

During the consultation, our attorney will discuss your situation with you confidentially and recommend a course of action, along with any additional legal services we offer.

After payment is received, our team will get to work on your case.  Within a predefined period of time, our attorney will deliver the agreed upon legal services to you in the manner discussed.  The attorney will be in contact with you during the service fulfillment period, and you will have the opportunity to review and approve our work before your order is closed.
BeaconLegal - Online Legal Services