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BeaconLegal LLC is a Massachusetts professional limited liability company engaged in the practice of law. We offer online unbundled legal services and limited-scope representation to startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals.

Our principal attorney is a member of the Massachusetts state bar only. We are a Massachusetts law firm focused primarily on Massachusetts residents and businesses.

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Consultations arranged through our “Talk to a Lawyer” service are confidential when conducted via telephone or secure electronic means.  We assume no liability for the confidentiality of information submitted to us directly through this Site or any other means not approved and offered by the Firm as part of the “Talk to a Lawyer” service.

Although any information provided to the Firm or any of its attorneys via approved secure means will be kept strictly confidential, purchasing a consultation through the “Talk to a Lawyer” service does not automatically create an attorney-client relationship. The “Talk to a Lawyer” service is an unbundled legal service and constitutes a paid consultation.  It does not entitle you to continuing representation in any matter.


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